SOLD OUT!! Next restock: Friday, May 27th @ 12pm PST <3


What does Yoshito mean?

  • Yoshito is a Japanese name that translates to "Good Boy" and is named after my Dad--the good-est boy of them all :)

How do you pronounce Yoshito (良しと)?

  • Yōshĭtō

How do I get these UH-MAY-ZING treats?

  • Store will be restocked every other Friday at 12pm PST.  
  • 48 hours after payment is facilitated through the website, orders will be shipped via USPS.
What's the shelf-life of the treats/biscuits?
  • Since these are made with real food and no preservatives, they are best eaten right away.
  • However, if kept in an airtight container they will last up to 3 months in the fridge. 

Can I eat these?

  • All ingredients are human-grade, all meat is USDA approved.  That said, these are dog treats.  Please don't.  Your dog is gonna be so bummed and confused.

Are you seriously sold out?

  • If the product is listed as sold out, they are.  For real. 
  • Please don't email or DM me because that will just bum me out.  There still won't be inventory because *see above*.
Do you do wholesale orders?
  • Unfortunately, wholesale orders are currently on hiatus during SIP.  Feel free to email if you have questions.
  • Not intended for resale.  I can't believe I have to say that but here we are.