Store is closed for 2022! Enrichmas orders will go out by 12/9 :) See you in 2023, fraaands! <3


We feel super grateful to be part of a community of talented makers.  If I've missed anyone, let me know!

Farm Hounds: jerky, hides, and more, all sourced from family-owned farms. Everything they sell is free of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones.  The jerky is super thin and Sam's favorite! FRIEND-GRXS8MR for $20 off your first order

High Tail Hikes: biothane leashes, longlines, and R+ group hikes in Oakland, CA.  Use code YOSHITO10 for 10% off

Make It Click: a Patreon-based podcast & community all about training, enriching, and loving your canine best friend!  Hosted by R+, Force-Free, Fear-Free trainer, Lyz Knight (CPDT) of Rover Rehab and sometimes I'm on there too ;)

Natural Dog Company: organic, all-natural balms that are amazing for dry noses, rough paws, wounds, and skin folds

ThinkSmartDogTraining: R+, Force-Free, Humane dog training and behavior consulting.  Plus super cute doggie bandanas and snuffle mats (CPDT-KA, PMCT-1, SA PRO) 

Up to Snuff: helping your pup feel seen through humane, evidence-based dog training (KPA-CTP)